Rijk wants to be able to designate a destination for azc itself if municipalities refuse to

If municipalities continue to refuse to designate a building as an asylum center, the cabinet wants to be able to do so. This is what State Secretary Eric van der Burg (Asylum) and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Housing and Spatial Planning) write to the House of Representatives.

These are locations that are already owned by the national government. The cabinet initially wants to use the measure for two new reception locations that together have a thousand shelters. It is not clear where these should be.

If a location is suitable for an asylum center but does not have the right destination, the municipality still has to adjust it itself. But that happens too little, according to the cabinet. The cabinet therefore wants the State to be able to arrange such a permit from now on. The Central Agency for Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) can then buy the building and make it suitable for the reception of asylum seekers.

The administrators say that the cabinet and COA are now dependent on the โ€œwillingness of municipalitiesโ€ when it comes to opening new reception locations for asylum seekers. If municipalities refuse to adjust the destination, the cabinet can do nothing now, write Van der Burg and De Jonge.

At the same time, they conclude that there is a โ€œsevere crisisโ€ in asylum reception and that something must be done to prevent even more asylum seekers from having to sleep outside at the Ter Apel registration centre in the near future.

In the hope of getting a faster turn, some asylum seekers choose to sleep outside the center in Ter Apel:

In addition, the bill must enshrine that municipalities are given a โ€œlegal reception taskโ€. โ€œEven when local administrative support is lacking,โ€ write Van der Burg and De Jonge.

Two locations in view

According to the administrators, there are currently two locations in the picture where around a thousand asylum seekers can be accommodated together. This is already being discussed with the relevant municipalities, but according to the cabinet, that is not going fast enough.

โ€œHowever, the cabinet is of the opinion that, given the time pressure and the highly precarious situation, there can be no question of postponement or postponement this time,โ€ write Van der Burg and De Jonge.

The cabinet is also looking at other buildings in the State that may be eligible. Two cruise ships have also been purchased on which around a thousand asylum seekers can be accommodated. The first ship is due to be put into service in September.

A spokesperson for Secretary of State Van der Burg emphasizes that this move is separate from new legislation that has been announced, allowing the cabinet to force municipalities to open shelters. It also concerns a limited number of locations, says the spokesperson.

Why its total chaos in Ter Apel: