Riot Games directors sued for sexual harassment

Riot Games again became a defendant in court showdowns. A former assistant to the company‘s chief executive sued him. Sharon O’Donnell accuses Nicolo Laurent of prolonged sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

According to O‘Donnell, her boss constantly demanded that she be โ€œmore feminine,โ€ discussed the size of her underwear and offered to โ€œget on with itโ€ in his house while his wife is away. During the Covid-19 pandemic Laurent advised women to use isolation to give birth to children โ€” it allegedly helps from the stress.

The girl claims that her rebuff to Laurent’s harassment was punishable: she is not paid overtime and deprived of lunch break. She also links her own dismissal with untalkability.

However, Riot Games management denies this, claiming that the dismissal decision was prompted by numerous documented complaints. This is not the first accusation of sexism and harassment within the ranks Riot Games.

In November 2018, two women filed a similar lawsuit. Six months later, 150 company employees took to the streets to protest discrimination and sexism.

The process was supposed to end with a settlement agreement, but it was withdrawn. Riot Games announced that it had commissioned an investigation into the allegations by a third-party law firm.

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