Riot Games will start recording voice chat in Valorant to combat toxicity

Riot Games said it was updating notifications about the use of sensitive data to get the ability to record and analyze voice data when receiving a complaint of negative Behavior. If a player complains of negative or abusive behavior in voice chat, we will analyze the appropriate audio recordings stored in the region in which his/her account is registered record to clarify whether the rules of conduct were violated. If the breach is recorded, we will take measures.

The notification about the use of confidential data applies to all Riot Games games, but for now the recording of voice data and their analysis upon receipt Complaints are planned only in the competitive shooter Valorant. In Riot Games note that they will โ€œstore data no longer than it takes, and protect – as their ownโ€.

Also, the company assures that they will not listen to voice chats in real time. We know that many are concerned about the possibility of collecting voice data, but believe me – we would not enter such system, if they were not ready to entrust it with their data.

If you categorically do not want your voice recorded, just turn off the voice chat in the game settings. Now the innovation is in development.

Before running the system in Valorant for different languages and regions, the authors will perform beta testing in North America. It is not yet known how the innovation will affect players from Russia, where there is no voice chat.

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