Rioting farmers at home, Minister Van der Wal, in court today.

Eleven people who participated in a peasant protest at Minister Van der Wals house (Stikstof) at the end of June have to answer to the police judge in Zutphen today. They are suspected of overt violence and destruction.

The first protest at the ministers home, on June 10, was peaceful. Van der Wal then talked to the farmers, who had come to her home with tractors to demonstrate against the nitrogen plans.

At the end of June, a peasant protest at Van der Wals home did get out of hand The protesters broke through a police blockade, which has now been rigged, destroying a police car. Footage of the protest shows police officers running away and protesters throwing straw into a police car. They also emptied a vulture tank near Van der Wals home. She would not have been home during the protest, but her family did.

Footage of the peasant protest where protesters break through the police impeachment:

The police distributed images of the protest, with the aim that participants would report. Eleven rioters eventually reported to the police. Ten of them are publicly appearing in court today. The case against the eleventh suspect, who is a minor, takes place behind closed doors at the end of the afternoon.

Previously, participants in peasant protests appeared in court. For example, a farmer from Mariรซnvelde in the Achterhoek received a prison sentence for his role in a peasant protest on the A18 on 28 July. A pig farmer, who was present at the same protest, received a community service of 80 hours and a suspended sentence for dumping sawdust, manure and straw at the entrance and exit.