Riots and destruction in a large number of cities: who are coming for it?

On Sunday afternoon the police arrested at least 170 people during a demonstration on the Museumplein in Amsterdam that was not allowed. That‘s what Chief Constable Frank Paauw of the police Amsterdam said in the talk show Op1. โ€œThe people who came to the square are partly known groups, such as political movements or football hooligans, but there are also very angry people,โ€ he said.

Paauw calls the right to demonstrate a great asset, โ€œbut there are now groups coming to seek the confrontation. That makes it very complicated at the moment.โ€

According to the municipality, earlier in the day, despite the urgent appeal not to come and the warning that the police would act, an estimated 1500 people were present in the protest against the corona measures. On social media last week there was a message that people were planning to โ€œdrink coffeeโ€ in Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

Indeed, many people had a cup of coffee with them on the Museumplein in the capital. The Amsterdam triangle (municipality, police and prosecutor’s office) declared the Museumplein to be a safety risk area from 11.00 a.m. Around 3 p.m., an emergency order was issued, because the group that came to the square grew larger and the risks increased.

‘Certain types’

The disturbances are high on the agenda of the Security Council on Monday. The 25 mayors who are chairman of a security region will then discuss with each other how the curfew is going.

Curfew, which began on Saturday night for the first time, will be valid between 9 p.m. and 4.30 a.m., in the coming weeks, as a means of combating the spread of coronavirus.

Chairman of the deliberation and mayor of Nijmegen Hubert Bruls hopes to be able to clarify on Monday who exactly went to the forbidden demonstrations. โ€œCertain types come up and then disturbances break out. It is important that we analyse this carefully,โ€ says his spokeswoman. โ€œWhen analyzing what went wrong this weekend, we also need to see if additional, additional measures are needed and whether, for example, the emergency order in Tilburg and Almelo worked.โ€

The spokeswoman did not want to anticipate the security deliberations on Sunday evening. According to her, it was first and foremost up to the mayors to take decisions regarding the maintenance of public order in their congregation. โ€œThe 25 mayors have already shared the information about this.โ€

On behalf of the Cabinet, Minister of Justice and Security, Mr Ferd Grapperhaus is joining the talks on Monday. Grapperhaus and Bruls will explain the topics discussed afterwards.