‘Riots around De Goffert after NEC-Vitesse: police bus broken, reporter threatened ‘

After the finish of the Gelderse derby between NEC and Vitesse, it remained unsettled around De Goffert for a long time. The Vitesse delegation, journalists and other visitors were still not allowed to go home more than one hour after the end, and several incidents occurred outside the stadium.
The local medium RN7 reports a police van that has been destroyed in the forests around De Goffert. In addition, several arrests have been made after throwing stones and fireworks, among others.
Broadcasting Gelderland reports that one of the medias reporters present is under threat. โ€œSomeone also drove their foot with a scooter,โ€ it sounds. The police have their hands full of rioters anyway. โ€œWe notice that there is a lot of violence towards the police,โ€ a spokesperson quoted by Omroep Gelderland.
Even before the game, there were skirmishes. Earlier in the day the news came through about a badly injured man of eighteen, who was found at a gas station. The derby itself also had a tumultuous end: after the traveled Vitesse following celebrated the 0-1 victory, part of the outbreak collapsed in De Goffert.

Vitesse player bus still has not been able to leave due to disturbances around the stadium. Other visitors are not allowed to leave the stadium either. The edge event is rather predominant with this Gelderse derby. #necvit
โ€” Jeroen Kapteijns (@JeroenKapteijns) October 17, 2021

NEC-Vitesse, t is 5.46 pm and people still have to stay in the stadium due to the bark belt torry outside. Reports reporter from along the line. What has all passed before- during and after this game of malefulness. ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคฆ
โ€” Maarten Wijffels (@m_wijffelsAD) October 17, 2021