Riots in Brussels after ‘Red Devils’

In the centre of Brussels there were riots on Friday night after the elimination of the Belgian football team at the European Championships, Belgian media report. Young people had cops with everything and everything. The rioters threw bottles, bombs and even electric scooters. Several shop windows also had to pay off and a Nike store was plundered. The police had to use tear gas and a water cannon to break the amoks.

This reports, among others, Het Nieuwsblad. Immediately after the quarterfinals lost against the Italians, it became restless in the centre of Brussels. โ€œWe had to intervene for the Stock Exchange around 23 hours after a group attacked a person with an Italian flag,โ€ confirms police spokesperson Olivier Slosse in Brussels. โ€œThey then turned against the police and threw all sorts of projectiles at our people and at the shop windows. First, a spray truck was used and then tear gas to separate the group.โ€


break-in in the Nike store was reported at 11:30 p.m. Social media shows that it was looted by a group of young people. According to Slosse, a police arrest was made here.

A little after midnight, the peace returned to the Belgian capital.