Riots in Malmö after Koran burning on square

riots broke out in the Swedish city of Malmö. Protesters protesting the burning of a Koran earlier in the day threw objects at the police and set fire to car tyres.

In the afternoon anti-Islam actions took place at several places in the centre of Malmö. Three men kicked a copy of the Koran to each other on a square. The actions followed the Swedish authorities’ refusal to allow a Danish right-wing extremist politician to enter the country.

In response to the anti-Islam actions, some 300 counter-demonstrators took to the streets in the evening. Their demonstration started quietly, but degenerated into violence according to the Swedish police when they set off fireworks and started throwing objects at policemen.

It is unclear whether people were injured in the disturbances. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet, an unknown number of rioters have been arrested