Riots, sieges, plague: Feudal Baron strategy announced: Kings Land

Sim Farm, supported by the ubiquitous PlayWay, has announced another new project. In addition to simulators of a capper, gardener and tropical resort owner, the studio makes the historic town planning strategy of Feudal Baron: Kings Land. Players have to take command medieval town with adjoining lands.

The process kicks off early: we have a handful of townspeople and a modest settlement. By gathering resources and thinking about effective ways to apply them, we will try to drive our fiefdom to prospery.

As it is that parts of the production chains will take over specialized buildings. Trade and the tax system will bring us the main resource, gold: it must be enough for both the citys needs and suzerain.

There are a lot of obstacles on the way to prosperity. The Middle Ages are a good time for fires or outbreaks of plague.

Our neighbors may have war on us, and if we fail, our settlement will be left off the face of the earth. And if you run tough policies, the peasants can be whisked away, and no good will get out of it either.

Feudal Baron: Kings Land does not yet have any release dates, but the game can be added to the wishful list on Steam. More on the Game of Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4, Sekiro, PUBG and RDR 2 โ€” the Fresh Steam Chart In Free Fire has started an event dedicated to Street Fighter V Creators Return Housemarque wanted to buy more than Sony.