Risk of female circumcision for 90 girls from Arnhem

More than ninety girls from Arnhem are at serious risk of being circumcised illegally, or are already being circumcised. Doctors are dependent on what children or families pass on themselves, because physical check-ups are no longer possible from the age of four.

Most girls are not circumcised until later in life, as a result of which agencies have limited visibility, writes de Gelderlander. Children in Arnhem who come from a country or culture where female circumcision is practised are subject to extra monitoring by the Youth Health Care Department (JGZ). Parents are told in conversations that this is forbidden in the Netherlands.

Between January last year and the beginning of last summer, youth doctors in the city of Gelderland reported dozens of times that there was a ‘serious threat of genital mutilation, according to the newspaper. Up to 4 years it concerns 36 girls. In the age after that up to 18 it concerns at least 57 girls who are at risk.