Risk of Rain 2 sales on Steam topped 4 million copies

The creators of Risk of Rain 2 shared the success of the cooperative action film, reporting that sales of the game on Steam exceeded 4 million copies. Developers are especially proud that reviews in Valve service โ€œextremely positiveโ€, with 88% of players spent more than an hour in Risk of Rain 2, and 57% more than 10 hours. Now the project support team is expanding.

And already on March 25, a fresh update will be released on PC, with which developers will also add Bandit. On consoles, the patch is expected later.

But the first expansion is expected on PC only towards the end of the year. Developers would like to release it immediately on consoles.

In general, Gearbox formed a new team to support Risk of Rain 2 on consoles to release there fresh content where faster. The team of authors thanks everyone for the support of the game, promising in the future a lot of new content.

Now Risk of Rain 2 is available on both PC and PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. More on Gambling Media: Sony will soon close digital stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita Bethesda told about plans for the development of Fallout 76 before the end of the year โ€œLong live Soviet science! โ€œ: new Atomic Heart trailer dedicated to photo mode.