Rival Incursion Season One to Open Soon in Deep Rock Galactic

Studio Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain Publishing have announced that they will release the biggest update in the history of the Deep Rock Galactic gnome cooperative on November 4. It will launch the first season of the game, called Rival Incursion. Rival Incursion will begin its transition from upgrades to themed seasons.

Each will bring new missions, challenges, weapons, enemies and downloadable content. In addition, players receive a new incentive to progress: the Performance Pass.

Like Battle Passes in similar games, the Performance Pass is divided into one hundred levels. Challenges and special quests are prepared to advance through them.

Specifically, the new mission will send players robbing the vault of a rival corporation. The Battle Pass rewards will be beards, costumes, and other cosmetics.

With the release of Season 1, the developers are also releasing a new downloadable Rival Tech expansion. Included in his pack are the ability to change the appearance of his weapon in the style of a hostile corporation, as well as additional armor, Bosco, and Kiroc coloring.

testing on Steam Experimental. Season 01: Rival Incursion kicks off on Steam on November 4, and on Xbox, including Xbox Game Pass, the season will begin on November 18.

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