RIVM: 4130 positive corona-virussten, over average last week

The millionth positive corontest of the Netherlands is officially registered. The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) recorded 4130 new infections on Saturday. As a result, almost a year after the virus appeared in the Netherlands, the total number of confirmed cases increased to 1,001,894.

In reality, many more people have probably become infected. After all, not everyone who has complaints can be tested and some people carry the virus with them without getting any complaints at all. In addition, at the beginning of the pandemic, the test capacity was low. Doing a test was often simply not an option at that time.

The Netherlands is the 21st country in the world with over a million positive tests. The cities with the most inhabitants also count the most infections: Amsterdam is at the top, followed by Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Also in Tilburg, Almere, Eindhoven and Breda the coronavirus has been diagnosed with a total of more than 10,000 inhabitants. Also in Saturday‘s daily figures, the capital is making the crown, with 133 positive test results.

The first corona infection in the Netherlands was diagnosed on 27 February last year with a man from the Brabant Loon op Zand. On 23 September the 100,000th case was registered. Just over two months later, on November 26, it was already half a million.

In the course of 2020, the test capacity was expanded and the threshold for testing was also lowered. For example, after 1 December, people can also be tested without complaints after contact with someone who turns out to be infected.

The number of new infections reported between Friday and Saturday morning is above the weekly average. In total, 27,249 positive tests have been recorded in the last seven days. On average, the RIVM has registered 61 corona-related deaths.

Although the number of infections has been falling for weeks, experts inside and outside the RIVM are very concerned. The Institute explained earlier that with the rapid rise of the British variant two epidemics are actually going on. By all measures, the number of infections with the ‘classical‘ variant decreases. However, the British mutation is much more contagious and seems to be unstoppable for the time being. According to RIVM calculations, this variant accounts for about two-thirds of all cases.

Again fewer coronapatics admitted to hospitals

The number of coronapatics in the Dutch hospitals has decreased again in the last 24 hours. In total, 1983 patients with Covid-19 have now been admitted. That’s 69 less than Friday, the National Coordination Centre Patient Spreading (LCPS) announced Saturday. In the previous days, the number of coronapatics in hospitals also decreased.

Of the coronation patients, 547 are on the IC, which is a decrease of 26 patients compared to Friday. Nursing departments have 1436 patients with Covid-19, 43 patients less than the day before

, and

the average number of admissions has declined in the past week. Whether this continues remains uncertain because of the British corona variant. โ€œWhat we are taking into account at the moment is that this decline continues until the second week of February. There is a good chance that the numbers will rise again and continue to rise until at least mid-March,โ€ says LCPS President Ernst Kuipers.