RIVM reports 3963 coronavirus infections, around the weekly average

Between Saturday and Sunday morning, 3963 new corona infections were reported. That number is very close to last weeks average.

Over the past seven days, 27,500 positive tests have been passed on to the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM). That amounts to an average of 3929 cases per day. Saturday the number of reports was slightly above that. According to corrected figures, there were 4116

at that time, and

the number of infections could increase again in the coming weeks due to the further spread of the British variant, the RIVM fears.


From Amsterdam 158 positive test results were passed on Sunday. In Rotterdam 115 people tested positive, in The Hague 98, in Utrecht 59 and in Tilburg 57.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, almost a year ago, the virus has been detected in 1,005,804 Dutch people. The $1 million limit was crossed on Saturday.

The RIVM has recorded 48 corona-related deaths over the last 24 hours. When a coronapatient dies, this is sometimes only processed after a while in the administration of the RIVM.

Hospital figures

The number of coronapatics in the Dutch hospitals remained approximately the same on Sunday. A total of 1980 patients with Covid-19 have now been admitted, 3 less than Saturday, reports the National Coordination Centre Patient Distribution (LCPS).

Of the coronapatics, 535 are so sick that they are on the IC, 12 less than Saturday. In the nursing departments there are 1445 patients with Covid-19, 9 more than a day earlier. The LCPS has moved 13 patients to another region, 2 of whom are on the IC.

Whether the decline will continue for a long time is highly questionable. The extra-contagious British corona variant is on the rise and therefore the number of coronas could quickly increase again. โ€œWhat we are taking into account at the moment is that this decline continues until the second week of February. There is a good chance that the numbers will rise again and continue to rise until at least mid-March,โ€ said Chairman Ernst Kuipers of the National Network Acute Care (LNAZ) earlier.