RKC is lucky and takes a point out of nowhere to visit PhD student Emmen

FC Emmen was well on its way to its first victory of the season, but RKC stole another point on the Oude Meerdijk in the final phase. The Waalwijkers had virtually nothing to say in Emmen. However, the game ended in 1-1.
Emmen suffered a 4-1 defeat on a visit to PSV last week, which meant Dick Lukkien‘s team against RKC wanted to take three points. The home team took the lead from the first minute. That gave Emmen more opportunities than RKC.
Nevertheless, the Waalwijkers managed to stand for a long time, so that the glasses stand remained on the scoreboard for some time. However, this changed due to a whim by Bernadou. In the 58th minute, a losing ball ended up with the French midfielder, who did not hesitate and lashed out hard. The ball flew in the short corner and Emmen got his lead as a result.

What a line from Lucas Bernadou! โ˜„๏ธ #emmrkc pic.twitter.com/5JhTmaV4qr
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 13, 2022

The team from Drenthe remained dominant even after the opening strike, while RKC failed to deploy a final offensive. To everyone’s surprise, the Waalwijkers did go home with a point. Julen Lobete made the 1-1 out of nowhere in the 89th minute.
Emmen and RKC therefore share the points. The home team is now at one point in the ranking, RKC has two. In the next round, Emmen and RKC will play against the same Utrecht and Feyenoord respectively.