RKC Waalwijk and Sparta remiss in duel with four goals and a red card

In an attractive match, RKC Waalwijk and Sparta tied 2-2. Both teams don‘t make much progress with the point.
The first chances were for Sparta, but RKC scored the first goal of the game in Waalwijk. Sparta’
s defense was asleep and so Michiel Kramer was finally able to head in after outsmarting his personal guards. That was after nine minutes of play.
After Kramer‘s goal, it was Sparta that ended the service. That did not result in a goal at first, but it fell after half an hour of play and was also earned. At the suggestion of Tobias Lauritsen, who had an opportunity himself shortly before, Arno Verschueren made it 1-1 again. The fact that Sparta had not got the lead before the break was due to RKC goalkeeper Etiรซnne Vaessen, who was an excellent goalkeeper.
Against the ratio, RKC took the lead in Waalwijk after the break. In that phase, Sparta did quite short of itself. Ilias Bel Hassani was able to score against his old club and shortly afterwards Sparta had to continue with ten men after a direct red card from Shurandy Sambo. He went too fast on Roy Kuijpers and had to leave. Despite a man-less situation, Sparta managed to straighten things out again. This happened again via Verschueren, after which there were no more goals.
Sparta and RKC don’
t make much sense. Sparta is eighth, RKC ninth. The difference is one point.