RKC Waalwijk walks away late from nine Cambuur and is working on goal balance

RKC Waalwijk forced nine of SC Cambuur to their knees late. The Leeuwarders played the entire second half with nine men after red cards for Mees Hoedemakers and Alex Bangura. In addition, trainer Henk de Jong was also expelled.
After just eight minutes, Hoedemakers was allowed to take a shower, after taking a lot of risks and continuing hard on Julen Lobete‘s leg with a straight leg. Cambuur coach De Jong intervened immediately by replacing Felix Mambimbi with Daniël van Kaam, but RKC was soon close to the opening goal. Shawn Adewoye just saw his header turned by goalkeeper João Virgínia.
Where a rush for the home team seemed to be in the works with one more man, it was 0-1 after seventeen minutes. The fully freestanding Jamie Jacobs got the ball in front of his feet after a cross and passed Etienne Vaessen, who, like Michiel Kramer, had to pay for his statements after the game with PSV with a penalty and a conditional suspension. The striker tied again after 33 minutes, after the ball went to the dot due to hands.
RKC has been increasing the pressure for some time and Iliass Bel Hassani also tried after a good action and shot, but Virgínia was in the way. Even before the break, Cambuur’
s mission became even more difficult, when Bangura also got red due to a heavy charge on Lily Field. Before the captain was sent off the field, De Jong had also been exiled to the stands, because he protested too strongly against the previously given penalty kick.

And that‘s red card number three for @SCCambuurLwd! Now captain Bangura gets red 😮 pic.twitter.com/bPkt8kd9zB
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 17, 2022

Cambuur runs red in Waalwijk. Trainer Henk de Jong must also leave 🛑 pic.twitter.com/dzQfklBaB8
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 17, 2022

As a result, Cambuur had to start the second half with nine men and without De Jong. What followed was an encircling by RKC, who combined separately but had trouble forcing a goal. Time was ticking away in favor of the visitors and the tension increased among the home crowd, but after Marco Tol’s own goal after 77 minutes, there was finally no stopping.
Fortunately, Zakaria Bakkali saw a cross from the pole fall into the goal, Bel Hassani crowned his good performance with a dry bang and Kramer also made a splash with his second of the evening: 5-1, so RKC reports in the middle with nine points, while Cambuur stays stitches in sixteen place with four points.