Roadmap Cabinet: in this order the Cabinet wants to relax

The Cabinet‘s roadmap, which should give the Netherlands more support in coronatijd, has been quite redone. The cabinet comes up with a new version that now also indicates a way back. It is clear that even the mildest level of risk are subject to severe restrictions.

The old and the new roadmaps are not very comparable. The Cabinet used in the latest version different boundaries than before. The Cabinet is aiming more than before at regional intervention. Whether the roadmap has gained clarity is still the question.

The map does give an idea of the order in which there will be easings. Initially, this involves opening hairdressers, gyms and secondary schools, for example. Afterwards, for example, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and museums, with a maximum number of visitors. Only in the following phase can the pubs open again, but at the latest until midnight. In the final phase, amateur athletes are also allowed to play competitions again. The maximum group size and the number of visitors at home increases from 2 to 4, to 6 and finally 8.


for the time being are not yet involved, because the Netherlands is still in the ‘very seriou‘ level. In order to be able to take a step down and thus relax corona measures, four indicators have to be reduced: the number of positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants per region, the number of hospitalizations per 1 million inhabitants per region per week, the number of nationwide admission for two weeks and the number of hospitalizations nationwide per day for two weeks.

Releasing will also go step by step if the figures justify a lower level. So do not implement all new measures at once, but more carefully.

How far we are from a step down is difficult to determine. The cabinet coronadash board does not correspond well to the indicators mentioned in the new coronaroute map. Moreover, the roadmap is not yet in place for the time being, at a time when the uncertainty caused by the British variant of the coronavirus is still high.

At the mildest level


by the Cabinet, far-reaching restrictions are still in place. This level will only be achieved if less than three ic admissions per day are recorded nationally for two weeks and the number of positive tests per 100,000 inhabitants in a region below 35.

If we reach that level, there are still no big parties at home: a maximum of eight visitors per day on the floor, it is recommended. Working at home is still advised, alcohol should not be sold after midnight, catering must be closed at midnight, last entry at 23 o’clock in the evening.

If we reach the lowest levels, we can also relax by region. But these decisions are made at national level. When we can release all the measures, including the basic rules such as the 1.5 meter distance, it does not appear in the roadmap. That will be a political decision in due course.