Robben shows up in youth team FC Groningen: “Suddenly he was in the lineup”

Arjen Robben seems to be warming up for another season as a player of FC Groningen. Suddenly, the 96-time international Saturday was in the position of the O18 team against FC Utrecht (1-4).
Robbens performance was a secret: in advance – at the request of the 37-year-old attacker himself – no announcements had been made about it. He kicked off, played half an hour and then disappeared again. Suddenly he was in the setup, confirms defender Thijmen Blokzijl to RTV Noord.
Of course, it was great to be on the field with such a star of the world. When we walked after the warm-up of the field, I heard that the Utrecht players liked it too. When Arjen was switched, he went in. I didn
t see him after the game.
Captain Jorg Schreuders is also honored. Arjen did his own preparation. He wasnt interfering with anything. Robben made a fit impression, according to him. I dont know how he thought about that himself. After switching, he went in pretty quickly to cycle out. I didnt talk to him after the game.
Looks like Robben wants to keep his condition in mind next season. After the last game of the season, he didn
t want to make any commitments about the continuation of his career. FC Groningen would like to tie him another year.

Arjen Robben who plays a friendly pot with FC Groningens JO18, beautiful! @fcgroningen
— Erwin2209 (@Erwin2209) June 19, 2021