Robbers Brazil isolate city and use hostages as a human shield

In the Brazilian city of Araçatuba, dozens of robbers have robbed three banks and used hostages as a human shield. According to police, at least three people were killed. Among them is one of the robbers.

According to police, some fifty criminals participated in the action. They were heavily armed and entered the city early in the morning. They isolated Araçatuba by burning cars and trucks on access roads.

While the drone robbers watched the environment from the air, they used explosives to enter banks. The bystanders were overpowered and used as a human shield and a police station was also under attack. In the centre of the city, with some 200,000 inhabitants, hours of shots and explosions were heard.

A local journalist posted a video on Twitter showing two getaway cars. The hood and roof of the first car are hostages used as a human shield. Theres someone on the second car too:

According to the mayor, Araçatuba police could hardly intervene. The police cant attack the robbers, he says. Too many lives are at stake, referring to the number of heavily armed robbers and their hostages.

Nevertheless, police say that a robber was killed and two suspects were arrested. Two other deaths also fell: a delivery man and a man who tried to film robbers.


The robbers would have fled the city with about ten cars. Little is known about their loot. At one of the banks, the criminals would have thrown money at a homeless person.

Schools stay closed for the rest of the day. The mayor wants people to stay in for the rest of the day because the criminals have left explosives in potentially fourteen places in the city.

Its not the first major robbery in the city of Araçatuba. In 2017, robbers hit in a similar way. Then they attacked police stations, blocked roads and broke into a security company.