Roblox developers want to sue $1.6 million from the “leader of the cybermafia”

The authors of the popular Roblox sandbox called for the accountability of youtuber Benjamin Simon, filing a lawsuit for 1. 6 million dollars for repeated illegal actions: insulting users, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, the publication of pictures of Adolf Hitler, and even harassment of the developers staff on the network. The story of Simon, whom the plaintiff described as a leader of the cybermafia raquo;, goes back to 2010.

Then the troll was quickly banned for all of the above, but it continued to bother both game creators and gamers through hacking and using other accounts. He uploaded videos with demonstrations of illegal actions on YouTube and Patreon in order to earn money.

The last straw was the story that happened last month. Simon then, along with his associates, urged Roblox fans not to come to the meeting with developers because of the presence of an Islamic extremist wanted by the police.

the event had to be postponed and even enlisted the support of law enforcement agencies, which, of course, led to additional expenses. More on Gambling The head of design at DICE will leave the studio this week ESA also criticized the situation with Bobby Kotic and Activision Blizzard A former Sony analyst sued, accusing company in gender discrimination.