Roblox on the exchange valued more expensive by EA, Take-Two, Ubisoft and Unity

Yesterday, the creators of Roblox from the company of the same name went to the New York Exchange. It was expected that the value of the stock will be about $40, but the totals were almost twice as high – in the neighborhood of $72. As a result, the company was valued at approximately 45 billion dollars.

By comparison, the value of other well-known gaming companies: Activision Blizzard โ€” $67. 69 billion Electronic Arts โ€” $37.

4 billion Unity โ€” 27. 76 billion Take-Two dollars โ€” $18.

98 billion Zynga โ€” $10. 7 billion Ubisoft โ€” $8 billion Square Enix โ€” $6.

6 billion. Roblox is a networking platform that resembles a mixture of Minecraft and Dreams.

Players can make games themselves and then share them. The initial launch of the MMO took place almost 15 years ago, in August 2006.

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