Robot-beasts and Optimus Prime will feature in new ‘Transformers’

The authors of the new Transformers reported the title of the upcoming film and revealed some details about the painting. The seventh installment in the franchise will be called The Ascent of the Goatbots and will be set in the 1990s in New York, Peru and other locations. The film will feature robot beasts that are different from traditional Transformers like Autobots and Decepticons.

In this version, they are ancient creatures who traveled through time and space and found themselves on Earth. Optimus Prime will be the main character, and will be presented in the original 1980s toy period form.

The villain is Scrooge, who attaches parts of the murdered transformers to his body. The story will also feature Optimus Primal — the leader of a faction called Maximals from the Age of Beasts, who will communicate with Optimus himself.

In addition, the film will feature new Autobots and Decepticons. The main human roles are performed by Anthony Ramos (On High) and Dominic Fishback (The Deuce).

The first is a military veteran, and the second role is described as an artifact explorer. It is directed by Stephen Kaple Jr.

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