Robot Perseverance sends first video footage of Marslanding: ‘Incredible’

NASA has released a video of the Martian Explorer Perseverance. On the images you can see how the huge fall screen folds out and the robot jeep descends to the planet, throwing off the heat shield. The Perseverance then collapsed to the ground via a pulley system.

The robot landed on Mars last Thursday. On Friday pictures were sent to Earth and now there are also images of the landing on the red planet.

Never before were such images made by a Martian robot. โ€œThis video is incredible,โ€ said NASA manager Mike Watkins to the German news agency DPA. โ€œWe all watched the footage a lot last weekend.โ€

This is what the Perseverance landing on Mars looked like:

The video shows the last eleven kilometers of the route. For the NASA navigation team, these were exciting moments. The images show the rocky surface of the planet.

On board the Perseverance there are not only cameras, but also microphones. During the landing, they did not send out any usable data, NASA reports. But after landing, the first sound recordings were received from the surface of Mars. On the recordings you can hear sound of something that sounds like a gust of wind.

According to the latest data sent by the rover to Earth, the equipment seems to be working properly, NASA experts say. The robot truck is packed with numerous measuring instruments and has a drill that allows it to take soil samples, to prepare them in tubes for transport to the earth. For the next two years, the Perseverance is doing research on Mars.