Rock bagel Metal Tales: Overkill meets Kickstarter target by 200%

Madrid studio Zerouno Games is holding a Kickstarter campaign of its next strange, wonderful and fantastic game. And Metal Tales: Overkill is doing great: five days before the final, the goal of the campaign was made by 200% . Popular adventure action movie became immediately after the start of the campaign: the main goal was fulfilled for eight hours.

True, it is very modest: only 6 thousand dollars. By this time, an additional target has been unlocked, even more localizations.

If you can raise even more money, Metal Tales: Overkill will be released on mobile devices. In Metal Tales: Overkill players will fight the impending curse and free fellow reddits-metalworkers from ancient evil.

And the main weapon will be the guitar, which will help shoot enemies on each procedurally generated level. It is easy to notice that Metal Tales: Overkill is a modern remaster of Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods.

Game Spanish studio Nuberu Games was released in 2016, but since 2017 neither about it nor the studio itself is heard. The release of Metal Tales: Overkill is scheduled for April 2021.

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