Rocket League Season 6 kicks off tomorrow โ€” Tokyo cartoon version awaits players

The creators of Rocket League have released an animated trailer for the sixth season, which is scheduled to premiere tomorrow at 19:00 CET. They also talked about the key innovations of the upcoming event. The main focus will be a redesigned version of Neo Tokyo, added back in 2016, with a more cartoonish style.

However, as part of Season 6, a new and probably a time – limited regime, the details of which are not disclosed. And finally, from tomorrow, a new Season Pass will be available, providing access to new cars and items.

Also, we remind you that Rocket League is still going on crossover with the franchise & laquo; Batmanโ€, timed to coincide with the release (alas, not in Russia) of Matt Reeves. The event will end tomorrow, passing the baton to the sixth season.

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