Rockstar developers patented new AI driver navigation system

Take-Two and two developers from Rockstar, lead AI programmer Simon Parr and Deputy Chief Technology Officer David Hyund, patented a new โ€œsystem and way of virtual navigation in gaming Environmentโ€ . The system is designed for navigating NPCs driving various vehicles. At the same time, it will not be subject to hardware and software restrictions.

The result will be a more realistic traffic simulation with a lot of traffic. Thanks to the new system, each NPC will get its own characteristics describing acceleration, distances, time, braking distance, top speed and turn speed.

These characteristics will create more realistic drivers. It is noted that the system can be used in multiplayer or through cloud services, connecting to the players console.

The patent does not mention the projects where the new system will be used, but one of these may well be Grand Theft Auto VI. In April last year the media reported that the next game Rockstar will be the new Grand Theft Auto.

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