Rockstar plans more single content for Red Dead Online

Developers from Rockstar Games studio in their address to the player community said that they plan to continue supporting GTA Online and Red Dead Online, including more single content for afterdays. Previously more single content promised for GTA Online. The first example was the robbery of Cayo Perico Island, which came out in mid-December and which can be completed alone.

Also in Rockstar noted that last year GTA Online broke again own records for the number of players than in any previous year. Red Dead Online too attracted more players and more new players in December 2020 than at any time since the release of beta.

Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 in turn broke records for number of video views on YouTube. More on CCeit Authors Disco Elysium told about new quests and voice acting The Final Cut On Steam a new record for the number of simultaneous users – 26.

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