Rockstar unveiled trailer and screenshots of GTA: The Trilogy โ€” The Definitive Edition

Rockstar unveiled the trailer and screenshots of GTA: The Trilogy โ€” The Definitive Edition. As previously known, on November 11, the edition will appear on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC digitally. The media release will take place on December 7, followed by the release of mobile versions of the remaster in 2022.

The Russian translation will be presented in subtitles. The updated version of San Andreas will be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription on release day, and GTA III will be available in PS Now from December 7.

Preorders: PC โ€” 4279 RUBLES PS Store โ€” 4639 rubles Microsoft Store โ€” $60 Nintendo Shop โ€” 5399 rubles. The remaster is based on the Unreal Engine, and former Crackdown 2 and Kinect Star Wars creators from Rockstar Dundee are responsible for development.

The edition includes GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas. The authors improved not only the graphics, but also the controls โ€” including aiming, the weapon/radio selection wheel, and the like.

All this will be done in the manner of GTA V. The mini-map has also been updated, where navigation has been redesigned, adding the ability to set trip points.

The Switch version will have additional features like gyro aiming, touchscreen support, and so on. On PC, the game supports NVIDIA DLSS and additional rewards in Rockstar Games Social Club.

All editions have improved lighting, shadows, reflections, drawing range, models, texture resolution, and so on. Trailer Screenshots More on Gamemania The release of futuristic mobile PUBG: New State is on November 11 Charlie Cox on the new cast for Daredevil: โ€œI will fight for this roleโ€ The International 10 on Dota 2 winners came to Ivan Urgant.