Roda thanks Feyenoord mercenary and grabs three points in Helmond

Roda JC did some excellent business on Friday night. Dylan Vente, which was rented to the Limburgers by Feyenoord, delivered his team in the final phase of the duel with Helmond Sport against the ratio in the three points.

Helmond Sport – Roda JC 1-2In order to take sixth place from NEC at least for the time being, the Koempelclub, which won the last four competitions, had to take three points in Helmond. The goal of Patrick Pflücke after twelve minutes gave reason to have confidence in this, but the Brabanders straightened their backs and arrived at the same level via Arno van Keilegom.
In the second half, both teams got chances to win the winning goal, with Helmond having the better of the game. But it was Roda that struck: Dylan Vente took advantage of a rebound and shot his team at the goal balance to place six and an excellent starting position to make the playoffs. NEC, the team that is passed through, however, has two more matches.

87. ð—š ð—¢ ð—” ð—âš½ ð—© ð—ð— ¡ð—§ ð—1-2!! Pflücke takes the goal of Van Gassel under fire, but the goalkeeper saves initially. Then Vente gets the ball in twice! 1-2 so! #HELROD
— Roda JC Kerkrade (@RodaJCKerkrade) February 19, 2021

Telstar – FC Eindhoven 1-1Telstar wants to conquer a playoffplace and seemed to make that wish on Friday night by winning FC Eindhovens home. A goal by Glynor Plet was the only goal of the match for a long time, but deep in injury time Bart Biemans made the 1-1, immersing De Witte Leeuwen in mourning, because that team could have reached the eighth place of Volendam to a point with a victory. Now they remain on three points of the place that is likely to give the right to participate in the post-petition.