Roger Schmidt after shutdown: We cant blame ourselves nothing

PSV was on the verge of the eighth Europa League finals, but was eliminated by a late hit by Olympiakos. โ€œWe cannot blame ourselves,โ€ Roger Schmidt responds to ESPN.

After the 2-1 victory over the Greek leader – seven days after the 4-2 defeat in Piraeus – the trainer has only compliments for his team. โ€œWe have done everything possible about it. We played a good game, where we fought and played good football. In the end, it is very unfortunate that they make the decisive goal in the last few minutes. It wasnt a real mistake of anyone, sometimes its just done well by the opponent.โ€

According to Schmidt, PSV played well, even when it had to defend a head start in the second half. โ€œI think we did well. We had a good balance between defending and being dangerous, because with 2-0 we also had our moments through some good counters. The only thing is that maybe we should have made one of the opportunities.โ€

Long can PSV is in any case not concerned about the shutdown. If it wants to make any more of the season, there will be a victory against Ajax on Sunday. โ€œBut now the players are through it for a while, because we have given a lot. Our spirit and our football were very good, so we will have to continue on Sunday.โ€

We must not grieve,

โ€œIt was unnecessary and it hurts now, but we must not grieve for too long,โ€ said Eran Zahavi, who made both goals for PSV. Last week, the Israeli striker in the duel was also sure twice. โ€œSunday we are waiting for an important game in the competition against Ajax. We have to win it.โ€

Captain Denzel Dumfries joined Zahavi. โ€œIts really a shame that you give it away like this in the final phase. Tonight we can be a team sucks, but starting tomorrow, the focus should be on Sunday. Then we have to stand there again and turn on the gas. That is a crucial contest.โ€