Roger Schmidt gives a shot in the Nijhuis business

Roger Schmidt indirectly gave a shot in the ongoing investigation into the clash between the PSV trainer and arbitrator Bas Nijhuis. The press conference in the run-up to the competition duel with RKC Waalwijk started with the announcement that no questions would be asked about the case that the prosecutors paid football.

Perhaps Schmidt would have wished to have started a brief statement about the hot topic himself. After long insistence by one of the attendees, he still went into the matter, which illuminated a little bit of the veil regarding the statements made by PSV.

After the duel with Sparta, Schmidt blamed Nijhuis for Cody Gakpos injury, told him that Nijhuis had announced that he had deliberately whistled against PSV and never had to talk to him again. Whether the coach regretted his statements? ,, I have explained in great detail at the press conference after the contest what my opinion isโ€, said Schmidt. ,, Thats still my opinion. And thats enough.โ€

,, Everyone in football must perform in the best wayโ€, Schmidt said. , if I am dissatisfied with that, then I say so. If its my players, its the referee, whoever. Thats my job, too, and I think its allowed. If we get an injury in the case of Cody Gakpo, after a clear violation for which the referee is not whistling: of course I can complain, that is not a forbidden thing. Thats my opinion.โ€

But the hottest issue in Schmidts plea will be about the โ€œhearingโ€ part. Schmidt then indicated that Nijhuis would not have said to him personally, but to another (staff member), that he deliberately whistled PSV in response to the open criticism after Vitesses duel. That was earlier this season.

Schmidt wanted to clarify that this is not a direct accusation. , โ€œI just said that he (Nijhuis, red.) said something about it,โ€ says the coach. ,, I did not say that he has done anything on purpose (counter-whistling, red.). I just said he said he did something on purpose. Thats all I said after the game, so dont say I said he did it on purpose. And now its enough.โ€

Early next week it becomes clear whether the prosecutors paid football is making a settlement proposal or putting the case aside. PSV was previously postponed for submitting the statements, which was requested due to the midweek program with the won cup duel at FC Volendam.