Roger Stone Uses Racist Insults in Interview with African American

Roger Stone, a political ally and friend of Donald
Trump whose 40-month prison sentence was recently commuted by the
president, used a racist insult when arguing with an interviewer from
black race on the radio.

In the programme broadcast on Saturday by the
los Angeles-based host Morris O‘Kelly, Stone called black to
Kelly, who was asking Stone about his prison sentence on charges
lying to Congress, interfering with witnesses, and obstructing
congress research on Russian-Russian relations and the

On his website, O‘Kelley said
Stone could have chosen any insult, but unfortunately he chose

Stone, he added, offered an unequivocal expression
and without filtering how he saw the interviewer.

Stone’s lawyer said on Sunday that he did not
i had heard the programme and had no comment on it.

Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison, but
Trump commuted his sentence on July 10, a few days before his ally
had to report to the prison.

In the interview, when O‘Kelley states that
Trump commuted his sentence because of his friendship with the president, you can hear
Stone complaining quietly about having to argue with this nigger.

O’Kelley rebukes Stone and asks him to repeat the
comment out loud, but Stone shuts up.

The first part of Stone‘s comment was not
he listens well, but according to the transcript of the radio programme, he said: I cannot
believe I’
m arguing with this nigga.

O‘Kelley persisted, asking Stone to
repeat aloud: Excuse me, you say you are arguing with a what? To me
it seemed that we were simply having a vigorous discussion, what
happened? did you say something about a black man?

Stone replied: You’ve gone mad.

The English word black was for a long time
acceptable to refer to African Americans in the United States, but for
1960s was considered offensive and the use of
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