Rogue Glitch left early access and became shareware

Austrian single developer Linos Stuff has announced the early access exit of its Rogue Glitch platform bagel. This was done with the support of publishing house Numskull Games, and the game is available on Steam, where it receives very positive feedback. With the exit from early access, the financial model of the game has changed.

Since the game designer has devoted a couple of years to this work, he wants to see it as many players as possible. So the single-player campaign becomes free once and always.

Only those who want to try their hand in multiplayer mode will have to pay. Multiplayer is taken out as a separate addition, and you can buy it for 119 rubles.

Buying allows you to create a game lobby and invite to the world of Rogue Glitch up to three friends. In Rogue Glitch, we find ourselves in the traditional platform world, which has since some time started to get weirder: levels in it are mixed, enemies mutate, and trophies from them unpredictably change.

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