Rogue Lords authors explained how to deceive opponents

Nacon and studios Cyanide and Leikir have released a new gameplay trailer for Rogue Lords, an action film with bagel elements. And in it explained the most important thing: since we play on the side of the devil himself, then the rules are not written to us. Our hero has its own principles, and deception of the enemy – the main one of them.

The hero Rogue Lords is the devil, who many years ago was defeated by demon hunters. Now his disciples, nine evil geniuses, are trying to regain power to him.

And to win, they can use devilish powers in exchange for part of their essence. Specifically, if the students health streak is completely exhausted, it does not mean that he has already died.

The pupil continues to fight, its just that in this state he is very vulnerable. And with every damage, it is protected by a devilish entity.

Thats when it is exhausted, then the end will come. To avoid defeat, you can sacrifice part of your life in advance and do the same with the health strips of enemies.

Opponents can also โ€œstealโ€ amplification or return them debuffs. And at a convenient moment you can resort to the Devil mode and get powerful bonuses in case of success.

Rogue Lords is released this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. More on Gambling Now Official: Burning Crusade Classic is released on June 2 EA gives additional content to the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition In Amsterdam make a groundbreaking shooter Histera.