Rohalik Die After Sunset promise soon to release into early access

Barcelona studio PlayStark has changed its plans. Instead of independent publishing house Badland Publishing, the third-person bagel release of Die After Sunset will be handled by PQube. It promises to release the game on RS and consoles in 2022.

However, we can get to know the game sooner. The creators of Die After Sunset are about to release it to Steams early access soon.

Players will have two game levels available, but no exact dates have yet to be named. It is also unknown whether the game will be carried out on Kickstarter as planned for the wound.

In Die After Sunset, we have to confront an invasion of purrcors, alien creatures that look amusing in the light, but in darkness and shadows turn into nightmarish monsters. At the same time, any failure will set us back at the very beginning, although it will allow us to start again from a new one level.

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