Role action movie Tribes of Midgar is out on PlayStation and PC in July

Gearbox Publishing and studio Norsfell Games have announced a release date for adventure role-playing action thriller Tribes of Midgar. The game is released on RS, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on July 27. Pre-orders for the regular edition and Deluxe Edition are already open.

You can buy the game on Steam for 699 rubles. The improved edition will cost 1958 rubles.

It included additional game content: a set of lunar Valkyrie offsheaks and two playable pets. The Deluxe Edition will also be released in a boxed video.

The action Tribes of Midgard is set in Old Norse setting and we face Ragnarรถk. In order to prevent the end of the world, you must prevent Asgards enemies from seeking out and harming the seeds of Iggdrasil.

And you can do it alone, as a Viking hero or a ten-player co-op โ€” the game automatically adjusts the difficulty to the size of the group. More Open Country Games came out, but players did not accept PlayWay to release an online wolf simulator The Wolf The Wolf Authors Hyper Light Drifter revealed Solar Ash gameplay.