Rollercoaster for Haller: “This small problem refused to go anywhere”

The day that Sébastien Haller was diagnosed with testicular cancer: he will never forget it. In an extensive interview with UEFA, Haller looks back on an eventful summer that turned his life upside down.
The summer started well: we won the competition with Ajax, then I went on vacation. I celebrated my birthday, my nieces christening and had a great vacation. This was followed by my transfer, says Haller. Dortmund invested a lot of money in me, I was determined to show what I was capable of and was eager to get started. From one day to the next, everything stopped.
Haller had stomach problems, but did not immediately assume the worst. I took medication for three or four days and it went away, but then I immediately felt like I had the flu, so I spent my time with the national team and felt sick. I felt better when I got home, but since it first happened, I felt something under my stomach, behind my abs. It was annoying but not really painful, I occasionally had indigestion and bloating. Since I was on vacation, I just thought it would go away, but this little problem refused to go anywhere, so I started to wonder if it could be a herniated disc or something like that and I asked my osteopath to check it out.
After extensive research, it became clear that Haller has cancer. It took him about ten seconds to confirm it was a tumor. He grabbed the scan, placed it on my testicles, and we had a definitive diagnosis. Then it all happened very quickly: we had to find out what type of tumor it was, how big it was, whether it had spread, and what treatments are available.
Haller is feeling well and hopes to be back on the field as soon as possible. I have a timetable in mind. If I
m lucky enough not to need surgery, it can happen very quickly. Three weeks after the last phase, it is checked what stage the metastasis is in and whether I need surgery or not. If I dont need surgery, with the way I train, I should be in good shape by the end of those three weeks.

Bar tt le monde je tenais à vs informé que la 1er Étape a été accomplie! You ten à remercié être le @BVB et léquipe médical qui ont été exceptionnel ac moi. Un grand merci également à tt le personnel soignant de lhôpital pour leur accompagnement – bienveillance 🙏🏽💪🏾 #step1
— Sebastien Haller (@HallerSeb) July 21, 2022