Rolling Stones Are Tired of Racism Riot and Quitting Hit Brown Sugar

The Rolling Stones will not play their big hit Brown Sugar in the coming time. The song is about slavery, among other things, and is said to be racist. Especially after the band played the hit in 2019 during a live performance, a wave of criticism arose. A lot of people would demand that the band stop performing the song.

Were trying to figure out where this riot comes from, guitarist Keith Richards tells the Los Angeles Times about this. Because Richards says the song is about the seriousness of this period. The British guitarist is tired of having the discussion on the subject, on which it was decided to stop playing the song.

The band is busy with their tour of the United States at the moment, but the 1971 song will not be heard here. Richards and frontman Mick Jagger both hope that will change in the future.

In the liner notes of the compilation album Jump Back (1993), Jagger says about the song: The lyrics are above all an ambiguous combination of drugs and girls. This song suddenly came about, an absolute highlight.