Romanians arrested in case of truck stitched Vietnamese

In Italy, a Romanian was arrested for involvement in a trafficking case that led to the death of 39 Vietnamese migrants in England. They were found in a refrigerated truck near London in October 2019.

The Vietnamese were suffocated or killed by overheating, later on the autopsy showed. The Romania (28) detained in Milan would have delivered the truck, transporting the migrants to England. An international warrant against the man was issued.

Others convicted

Previously, in this case, two leaders of a gang of human traffickers were sentenced to prison sentences aged 27 and 20 years. The two drivers of the truck were sentenced to 13 years and 18 years in jail.

The Vietnamese all paid thousands of euros to traffickers for the crossing to England. They spent hours in a hot, hermetically sealed truck.

Eventually, their bodies were found in the abandoned truck on an industrial estate in Grays, near London.