Rome protests against workplace corona pass introduction

In Rome, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets to protest the introduction of the so-called green pass in the workplace. In doing so, a group of people invaded a trade union office and destroyed them. Elsewhere in the Italian capital, there has been a grim atmosphere here and there, says correspondent Heleen D‘Haens.

Earlier in the day, an estimated 10,000 people were present in a noisy protest in Piazza del Popolo. Some protesters waved banners with lyrics like โ€œFreedom!โ€ and โ€œTake your hands off work!โ€.

A number of protesters hit the police, who waved batons. Among the protesters were also members of the neo-fascist movement Forza Nuova, which is more likely to mingle in demonstrations against the corona pass.

Unacceptable Harassment

Protesters moving in the direction of Prime Minister Draghi’s office, in central Rome, have been stopped by police tonight. Police vans and water cannons have blocked access to the government building.

You can see that in the video below, just like storming the union building:

Draghi speaks in Italian media of โ€œunacceptable harassmentโ€ by the protesters. All Italian political parties also condemn the violence.

As of Friday, the pass will be mandatory for employees to enter the workplace. Both employers and employees can expect high fines if they do not comply with the measure.

With the pass, someone shows that they have had at least a corona vaccination, has recently recovered from covid-19, or has a negative test result no more than 48 hours ago. The pass is already compulsory in museums, gyms, indoor hospitality, public transport and domestic flights.