Ronald de Boer advises Frank: ‘He is the greatest talent in the Netherlands’

Ronald de Boer would not hesitate to put Ryan Gravenberch in the Orange base during the European Championships. The analyst thinks that the Ajax midfielder is ready to play an important role in the Dutch team.
โ€œRyan is, in my view, the greatest talent in the Netherlandsโ€, says De Boer in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œLook what hes already performing at eighteen. And theres so much more in it. Hes only getting better. Physically there is still a lot of stretch in it, while at his age he is much further than we used to be. Im now training under 17 and 18 at Ajax. And when I see how many hours these guys make and what bodies they already have, its a world of difference from the past.โ€
During the European Championships De Boer will sit on the couch with the necessary tension at home. โ€œIt
s awful. Everyone wants his loved ones to go well in life, but with a twin brother you have an even closer relationshipโ€, he refers to his brother Frank. โ€œAnd the role of national coach is the most important in the Netherlands after the premiership. I hope for success and I want my brother to go well, but the frustrating thing is that I have nothing in my hand. Then youre so nervous.โ€
Besides, Ronald lets himself go occasionally, so he honestly admits. โ€œThere used to be a remote control flew through the room, but now I manage to control me. Although I curse occasionally.โ€