Ronaldo is done with it and promises to bring truth out.

Cristiano Ronaldo made himself heard on Tuesday night. Commenting on Instagram, the Manchester United Portuguese feud says the truth about him and his situation will come out soon.
Ronaldo (37) has been dominating the headlines for months, because he has set his sights on a transfer. He missed much of the preparation, according to the official talk due to family circumstances, but it is clear that the Portuguese is not happy and wants to play in the Champions League, something Manchester United cannot offer him.
By now, Ronaldo seems completely done with all the speculation. In a comment on Instagram, he cracked the role of the media. โ€œTheyll hear the truth when they interview me in a few weeks. The media is telling lies. I have a notebook: in the last few months, only five out of a hundred news items were correct. Imagine how it is.โ€
Ronaldo is out of his contract at Old Trafford in a year. His agent Jorge Mendes has failed to find a good club for him in the past period. Erik ten Hag has long insisted that Ronaldo is not for sale, but according to English media, is now open to his departure.

๐Ÿšจ Cristiano Ronaldo says on Instagram that he has โ€œa notebookโ€ of the news surrounding him and that the truth will come out in an interview soon. (๐Ÿ“ธ ig/cristiano)
โ€” Transfer News Live (@DeadlineDayLive) August 16, 2022