Ronaldo missed out on transfer: Are able to get the worlds biggest stars

It didnt matter much if Cristiano Ronaldo had moved to Saudi Arabia during the summer transfer window. Fahad ben Nafel, chairman of Al-Hilal, states that a transfer ban was in the way.
Last summer, Ronaldo was linked to various European clubs, but also to Al-Hilal. Allegedly, the Portuguese was able to earn an exhorbitant salary there. โ€œYes, we negotiated with Ronaldo,โ€ says Ben Nafel on the YouTube channel Thamanya. โ€œThe problem wasn
t the money or the principles: Al-Hilal is capable of winning the worlds biggest stars. But we were unable to register new players due to the transfer ban.โ€
โ€œWe did not stop negotiations with several players, despite the ban. In the final phase of the negotiations, the ban would be lifted, but that procedure was delayed,โ€ concludes Ben Nafel. So a switch to the Middle East remained unsuccessful for Ronaldo, who is still active at United. The Portuguese feud abandoned most of the preparation, allegedly to force a transfer.