Ronnie Brunswijk faces three-year suspension, clubs disqualified

The performance of Ronnie Brunwsijk, the sixty-year-old vice president of Suriname, in the match between Surinamese Inter Moengotapoe and CD Olimpia from Honduras has received a big tail. Both clubs were kicked out of the competition by the CONCACAF and Brunswick has run into a three-year suspension.
Brunswijk owns Inter Moengotapoe and participated in the game against CD Olimpia, in which a ticket to the Champions League of North America was at stake. The former rebel leader also handed out cash afterwards. The images were all over the world and the CONCACAF already hinted that it was strongly considering taking action. According to the Football Association for North America, Central America and the Caribbean, there was a integrity problem’.
The CONCACAF issued a new statement on Saturday. ‘The disciplinary committee has ruled that the rules regarding integrity have been seriously violated. As a result, both clubs have been removed from the competition with immediate effect, ‘can be read in this. ‘Furthermore, Mr Brunswijk is excluded from participating in any CONCACAF flag competition for three years. ‘