Room agrees to coronavirus pass for non-essential stores

A majority of the House of Representatives agrees with the possibility of requiring the corona entry ticket in non-essential stores. The Chamber does add something to the law of the cabinet. If customers can keep 1.5 meters away, then the corona pass is not mandatory.

It is about a possible corona measure for the future. The law allows the cabinet to determine per ministerial regulation that customers in non-essential stores must show their corona admission certificate and that retailers should check that.

Non-essential shops and services are understood by the cabinet, for example, furniture stores and hairdressers. A supermarket and a broker are essential, so the measure will not apply there.

Whistle Back

In the House of Representatives, there are many questions about the law, including the definition of ‘non-essential’. If the cabinet issues a ministerial arrangement, the House of Representatives can decide on it afterwards. Then a majority of Parliament would be able to whistle the cabinet back.

The law falls under the Temporary Act measures covid-19, which is valid for three months and can then be extended again after approval by the Lower and Lower House.

VVD, D66, CDA, ChristenUnie, PvdA, GroenLinks and Den Haan voted for the bill. All fractions voted for the adjustment to allow the 1.5 meter distance as an alternative.

During the debate on the law, yesterday, many MPs complained that they had had very little time to delve into the matter.

In a motion on โ€œreturn to a more normal decision-makingโ€ supported by all political groups, the cabinet is called on to treat corona measures in a less hurried and crisis-like way from now on.