Room: chiropractor back to work

Patients with severe pain symptoms should be able to return to the chiropractor. That is what a majority of the House of Representatives asks for care ministers Van Ark and De Jonge. The professional association of chiropractors also appeals to the directors.

Since the lockdown of December 15, most contact professions, such as hairdressers and nail studios, have been shut down. However, there is an exception for medical contact professions such as the dentist, obstetrician and physiotherapist. Opticians, hearing care professionals and veterinarians are also excluded from the ban. However, chiropractors are not part of that exception. Chiropraxia is part of alternative medicine.

Irresponsible, says chairman Gitte Tรธnner of the professional association. โ€œChiropractors have a care function and help patients with a medical need for, for example, acute low back pain, lumbago or a hernia.โ€ There are a lot of patients with vital professions. In any event, the CDA and D66 call for this profession to be exempted from the temporary ban is supported by the other coalition parties VVD and CU.