Room demands compensation for victims black lists tax authorities

The hard and discriminatory approach to fraud which led to the payment scandal also worries the House of Representatives towards the future. MPs fear that an even greater scandal will emerge behind the affair and put demissionary Secretary of State Vijlbrief (Finance) to work: compensation must be made for the damage of people who have been wrongly blacklisted by the Tax Administration

โ€ It seems that there are still quite a few closets,โ€ says CDA member of parliament Omtzigt Monday afternoon when the Chamber debates the fraud detection and use of second nationality by the Tax Administration. From these cabinets at the tax authorities have been falling corpses every day, for example in the form of the use of all kinds of black lists. Or lying around data, which also states the second nationality of people.

โ€œ Is there a much bigger scandal behind the payment affair?โ€ , D66-MP Van Weyenberg wonders. โ€œDo we have the picture sharp or will I hear in a month that there are still three systems open,โ€ he refers to all kinds of blacklists whose existence became known recently.

Fraud Signaling Facility (FSV)

The most famous of which is the Fraud Signalling Facility (FSV), which includes hundreds of thousands of citizens. An entry on the list, which violates privacy legislation, meant a stamp as a potential fraudster. โ€œAn extremely painful dossierโ€, sombered SP MP Leijten, who is ferocious about the fact that it is unclear how many people on that list received the predicate intention/gross debt, a very radical fraud stamp.

The FSV is by no means the only blacklist, to the frustration of Omtzigt, who was told earlier by the cabinet that there are no more lists. โ€œIt turns out to be 211,โ€ he says frustrated Monday. The CDAer, and with him colleagues from VVD and PvdA, fears that more misery will emerge.


view of the fact that it is not possible for the cabinet to take months to inform people on the FSV list about this. The letter of the file says in the debate to make it more hasty.

That does not make the cake for the Secretary of State. Under the leadership of GL-MP Snels, a large majority of parliamentals enforces compensation for people who have suffered damage because they have been unjustly on such a blacklist. Vijlbrief mentioned earlier in the debate that it can come to this point: This may include compensation, but first we want to find out what happened. In the coming years, the government is already allocating billions of euros to compensate parents and to cancel their debts.

Registering second nationality

The debate on discrimination by the tax authorities is mainly in a fuss about a plan by the PVV MP De Jong. He advocates to register the second nationality of people. Not to use by default, he states, but only to use when a lot of fraud is committed within a certain group.

It causes resentment in the Chamber. โ€œDoes Mr. De Jong want the Tax Administration to discriminate again?โ€ , asks Think-MP Azarkan. According to D66-MP Van Weyenberg, the core of the PVV plan is unequal treatment, unfair treatment and discrimination. Pvdaer Nijboer also speaks of discrimination: โ€œAnd that is what Mr De Jong stands for.โ€ The PVVer hisses him: โ€œThat is so disgusting.โ€