Room exits to the Ridderzaal during debates this summer

If the House of Representatives wants to debate in the upcoming summer holidays, it will happen in the Ridderzaal. This is necessary because the current building will close at the beginning of July for years of renovation and the temporary accommodation of the Chamber is not yet available.

The summer recess is used to move to the former home of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Bezuidenhoutseweg. This move must be completed by the end of August and no meetings can be held until then.

If the Chamber decides to return from recess, for example because the coronapandemic gives rise to this, the plenary session will take place in the Knight‘s Hall, let a spokesman know. In the old Chamber building, one room remains available for committee meetings.

In the Ridderzaal, which dates back to the 13th century, the First Chamber is currently also meeting. The Senate’s normal meeting room is too small to keep enough distance between the MPs.