‘Room for new parties in right-populist corner’

It seems that the new party JA21 has a chance to actually enter the House of Representatives. The party of Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga, who recently had a quarrel at Forum voor Democracy, came to 1 to 2 seats in the polls. That is special, because of the long list of new parties, one rarely really manages to break through.

Newssuur asked opinion poller Peter Kanne if JA21 has a chance to win seats in the House of Representatives. โ€œThere is room on the right, and this is mainly due to the rumbling at Forum for Democracy. Voters are disappointed in Baudet, but they want a party to make that right sound,โ€ he says. โ€œThat there is a lot of shifting in that right-populist corner and that there is potential there, that is for sure. There are some 20 to 25 percent of the voters there, so there is something to gain.โ€

‘Less radical

JA21 wants to get right-wing themes on the political agenda in a less radical way. Eardmans thinks that the right is now too often left out of play, because according to him the VVD is always forced to work with the left.

According to him, Wilders does have ‘the right points’, but puts himself out with his radical point of view on Islam: โ€œIf you say, we throw out Islam, we will not achieve anything. We have the same agenda as Wilders, only when does what happen?โ€

Checks at the border

Eondmans says he wants to go into the elections with ‘realistic plans’. He advocates, for example, the use of flying brigades to control the Dutch borders for illegal migration. โ€œThe front door must be closed, and the back door must be open. Those who are not allowed to be here must be evicted,โ€ he says.

By the way, Wilders does not worry about the newcomer yet. โ€œIt‘s not interesting to me what Eerdmans does. I’m focusing on the Cabinet. I assume my own strength and I think people love the original.โ€

Migration no main cause for voter

According to Kanne, there is a comment on this focus on migration. โ€œThe average voter does not have migration at the top 10 of topics he considers important,โ€ he says.

โ€œ The main topics are healthcare, affordable housing and climate, not migration. Except for people who are already considering voting for JA21, migration is the top priority for them.โ€

โ€œNo more ruling on the left.โ€

JA21 hopes to get enough seats in the elections to force Rutte to form a right-wing government. โ€œNow the VVD has been sentenced to rule the left again. The alternative is we.โ€

Opinion poll Peter Kanne tempers expectations. โ€œWe still have to see it, they are now standing on one or two seats. JA21 picks up voices from PVV, FVD, and the VVD. But people are also going to vote strategically. If the PVV can become the biggest one, the voters will go back to Wilders.โ€

A total of 37 parties applied for the elections on 17 March. Only then do we really know who actually succeeds in getting into the new House of Representatives.